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In-Person Fall Programs 2021

drama workshop

The Drama Workshop is an in-person 5-subject course developed by bpmfKids Education. 

We use drama as a teaching method to lead students through the immersive learning experience of drama through elements such as Reading comprehension, Language expression, Role playing, Artistic creation, ScratchJr scene programming, short video production and MORE!

Drama Workshop 通过教育戏剧作为教学方法,将戏剧的元素融入课程当中,给学生沉浸式的戏剧学习体验。

周一至周五16:30 - 18:30,共有5种内容不同的戏剧工坊,包括:

  • 小读者工坊

  • 小艺术家工坊

  • 小演员工坊

  • Scratch 场景编程工坊

  • 小导演工坊


Take a look at our Schedule:

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BPMFKids Drama Workshop schedule Chinese edition
Drama workshop schedule

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Delve into the story; Read Aloud, Retell the Story, Response Activity, Reflect on story events and partake in our favourite Readers Theatre!

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Get creative! Be immersed in the exploration of making story props and scenes. A hands-on visual of the story made by you!

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Experiment with voice and develop children’s social interaction skills. Be immersed in the story and empathize with the characters.

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244310452_194408012806252_7446159200113760478_n 2.jpg

Learn the fundamental knowledge behind computer programming through the creations of fun, interactive storytelling!

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Help young amateur video makers improve their video making skills! Get inspired and inspire others with video making techniques seen on YouTube and TikTok.

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Try a class before you purchase! 

Limit ONE trial per child.

Choose one of the workshops to try:

  • Reader's Workshop

  • Arty Crafty Workshop

  • Dramatic Play Workshop

  • ScratchJr Workshop

  • Movie Magic Workshop

Trial Class

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